What is Bhakti Yoga?

As explained in The Nectar of Devotion, Bhakti means “devotional service” and the word yoga means “to link”. Though yogas are commonly used for health and fitness, Vedic literature explain that yoga is meant to connect with God.

Bhakti-yoga means to practice connecting with God, and reestablishing our relationship with Him, through acts of love and service, or what is commonly called devotional service. Service refers to that activity which is intended to please the beloved. Thus “devotional service” is a definition of Bhakti.

The Nectar of Devotion teaches us the science of loving every one of the living entities perfectly by the easy method of loving Krishna. Love is the most fundamental drive of every living entity. We cannot be happy without satisfying this desire to love. As HDG A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada succinctly explains: “So the goal of life is Krsna – to become free from the cat and dog propensities of eating, sleeping, defending and mating and achieve the spiritual platform of Eternity, Knowledge and Blissful Life in pure devotional service to the Lord – Bhakti yoga, that is religion. Simply loving Krsna.

What is the Bhakti Yoga Program about?

The Loughborough Bhakti Yoga classes help attendees to connect with God by mantra meditation, studying Bhagavad-gita and eating karma-free food (prasadam- food offered first to God).

This group is based in Loughborough, Leicestershire and gives local people a chance to get together and learn more about Krishna Consciousness. If you’re not in Loughborough you can still keep in the loop via this website and our Facebook page!

Religion is something that can be changed but your spiritual identity is unchangeable. Feelings of happiness, are usually defined as enjoyment and freedom. However we can’t be completely happy unless we can enjoy undisturbed and freely expand our enjoyment without opposition. But how is this possible when we are all in temporary bodies and limited by birth, death, old age and disease?

Please come to our free spiritual discussions that involve:

* Mantra meditation
* Spiritual discussion
* Bhagavad Gita study
* FREE delicious vegetarian treats

EVERYONE is Welcome

Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, 7.30-9pm at

John Storer House, Loughborough, Wards End, LE11 3HA

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